Can We Say — Ultra Marathon Surfer?

October 22nd, 2011 by Kurtis

It appears the 26 hr Surfing Marathon record has already been challenged and the attempt is awaiting Guinness approval.

I guess there are a few crazies like me in this world.
It means that I will be changing my start time on Tuesday in order to get another three hours in before dark on Wednesday.

We will be gathering at 11am on Tuesday and I will officially paddle out at high noon. This should get me out of the water by 6pm Wednesday.

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Thanks everyone!!!

Building The Surfboard

October 20th, 2011 by Kurtis

Visited with Jim Dunlop of Mystic Surfboards on Wednesday morning for a review of color and final production of the marathon surfboard. Skip Smith with First Coast Paddle did an awesome job shaping the board. It’s a 6’4″ that has plenty of thickness for easy floatation and getting into waves. Thanks to Jim and Skip!

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Good Chance I Will Break The Surfing Marathon Record by Thursday

October 19th, 2011 by Kurtis

Hey friends,

The wave models are still “long range” as I write this post. However, I understand enough about the ocean and our North Florida weather to begin a serious assessment ten days out. A cold front could hinder my chances at a qualified attempt Friday/Saturday, October 28-29. What’s intriguing are the potential waves for mid next week (October 26-27). Models indicate an easterly swell at eight second period — probably waist to chest high. This is what I want. This is how I will have the most confidence I can break the record.

For the non-surfers — In order for a surfer to remain in the same location for an extended period of time without “extensive paddling” the waves need to be coming straight into the beach. Beginning Tuesday, October 25, waves build slightly and set up for what I will call “good marathon surfing.”

Thursday (tomorrow) we have a final logistics meeting. I will let everyone know the plan asap.

It’s a lot to ask but we need to be fluid over the next couple days.
Thanks for your support.
Call me direct if you can offer advice or have ideas about the potential date change.

Will We Get Surf?

October 17th, 2011 by Kurtis

The crazy part in regards to setting a world record surfing marathon attempt depends foremost on the surf conditions that the potential record holder will encounter when they paddle out. If we get a decent swell with a chance that waves come straight into the beach I will have a good chance to set a new world record. What I realized this week is there is no room for error with Guinness Book of World Records. They expect “qualified witnesses” to sign my log sheet and that means eight capable surf competition judges will be engaged. My plan is to have a minimum of 16 witnesses throughout the 26 hour event. I am looking toward close friends and new support to get me in a comfortable place to manage the support.
My request…
Can all interested volunteers agree to meet on Thursday, October 20, 7pm at Ragtime in Atlantic Beach?
We will agree on final volunteer needs and ensure this record is broken.
Let me know.


October 15th, 2011 by Kurtis

This was my 50th birthday. Great day with all sorts of wonderful people helping share my half century mark.

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Celebrate every moment

Largest Shower

October 14th, 2011 by Kurtis

There is the Guinness Book of World Records and then — THERE IS — The Guinness World Records.
I want to be excited about being a world record holder but reality is setting in.
Guinness has high standards.

So it’s obvious that I’m just a bit on the edge.
Does anyone really care?
Simple questions…
Who really is insane enough to surf in the ocean for 26+ hours?
Does it matter that the person rides a long board or a short board?
How many waves? Does the person ride great waves or crummy waves?
What’s the water temp and the air temp?

My point is there are way too many variables and it doesn’t matter.

Stay focused. Raise money for extraordinary breast cancer research and care.
BTW- If we get a record maybe my video might have the same merit as “world record largest shower”

Prima Donna

October 12th, 2011 by Kurtis

Prima Donna

pri•ma don•naa temperamental person; a person who takes adulation and privileged treatment as a right and reacts with petulance to criticism or inconvenience

“prima donna” is Italian for “first lady.”

Let’s get something straight — Prima Donnas (as defined) do not have a long shelf life. I think it’s fun to look back on this classic Americanized and somewhat “skewed” metaphor and compare current social approaches against our marathon namesake — Donna Deegan. If you get a chance to understand the heart and spirit of 26.2 with Donna then it’s easy to argue that a new understanding with the existing ”Prima Donna” vernacular should be corrected.
Here is why I root for our local Prima Donna.
3x breast cancer survivor
Eve award winner
Local foundation established
National marathon established
2.5+ million raised for research and care
I prefer to celebrate the good efforts. If someone judges or “slow-steps” their way to supporting our cause I understand. There are numerous reasons to sit on the beach or sidelines. But please understand why we celebrate our own Prima Donna.

Celebrate the finish!


October 12th, 2011 by Kurtis

Very excited to get my reguirements from the folks at Guinness World Records.
I am laying out a strategy for the 26.2 hours.
Some exciting news regarding major support (keeping me safe) is being confirmed this week.
This is where we stand (as of today).

World record attempt for the longest continuous surf session
Kurtis Loftus
Surf for a minimum of 26 hours and 12 minutes
Jacksonville Beach Pier
October 28-29, 2011
Beginning at 3:00PM
To raise breast cancer awareness and fundraising for 26.2 with Donna
Personal Goal of $10,000
Help lift overall 26.2 fundraising $100,000 above 2010 level.

Breaks: One 5-minute break per hour is allowed by Guinness World Record.
Participant may accumulate rest time.
Daylight Goal: 10 waves per hour.
Night Time Goal: 2 waves per hour.
Witnesses: 2 per 3-hour session — minimum 16 witnesses (please confirm)

02:00 PM Final prep at beach. Confirm witnesses
03:00 PM Kurtis paddles out at pier.
06:00 PM Rest break. Change witnesses.
06:15 PM Kurtis paddles back out into lineup.
07:30 PM – Sunset Goal: 50 total waves
09:15 PM Rest break. Change witnesses.
09:30 PM Kurtis paddles back into lineup.
12:30 AM Rest break. Change wetsuit. Change witnesses.
12:45 AM Kurtis paddles back into lineup.
03:45 AM Rest break. Change witnesses.
04:00 AM Kurtis paddles back into lineup.
07:00 AM Rest break. Change witnesses.
07:15 AM Kurtis paddles back into lineup.
07:30 AM – Sunrise Goal: 74 total waves
10:15 AM Rest break. Change witnesses.
10:30 AM Kurtis paddles back into lineup.
01:30 PM Rest break. Change witnesses.
01:45 PM Kurtis paddles back into lineup.
04:45 PM Rest break. Change witnesses.
05:00 PM Kurtis paddles back into lineup.
06:00 PM – Marathon Complete
Goal: 180 total waves

World Record Surfboard

October 10th, 2011 by Kurtis

I have a basic graphic approach planned for the surfboard. Pink underside and rails with sponsor logos in black. The deck will have our rainbow ribbon graphic with the “Five Year” logo placed large in the center. Should be a beautiful collectors piece. It will be part of our silent auction during the 26.2 with Donna Fitness Expo.

dang this wind can blow

October 8th, 2011 by Kurtis

I love this weather!
Keep following.
Keep supporting.

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